Friday, March 20, 2009

Miracles & Experiences with Guruji

These are some of the experiences shared by Devotees in AOL orkut community and Yahoo groups ..

1. HE is watching you...right now...

2. Amazing Experience by Raju.. (Exp/Miracles)

3. Miracle in Vishakapatnam Beach Satsang on 28th Jan

4. A wonderful MIRACLE in life of Sathya Narayanan


6. The miraculous healing power of Sudarshan Kriya

7. This miracle during long kriya in part-1course

8. Miracles on the DIVINES B'DAY

9. An Experience my sister had ...

10. Bollywood Blockbuster

11. A very touching experience by Devotee

12. An amazing experience shared by a Teacher

13. VIP Pass

14. Birthday Party

15. Jail Tale

16. Leaking Pipe in the Ashram