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The Art of Living is a multi-faceted, not-for-profit educational and humanitarian NGO with a presence in over 140 countries.
We are engaged in diverse initiatives aimed at uplifting humanity by bringing peace at the level of the individual, society, nation and the world as a whole.

His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a humanitarian, proponent of the values of non-violence and peace as well as a spiritual leader. He is committed to bringing a positive transformation in the world.

The Art of Living Foundation is dedicated to inspiring, uplifting and empowering individuals to live life to its fullest potential. It has customized programs for various sections of society with a common emphasis on nurturing human values common to all cultures, religions and traditions..

Programs for Every Age

Art Excel (All Round Training In Excellence) ages 8yrs-13yrs
Presented in a practical and fun framework that appeals to youth of all ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds, ART Excel offers an enlightening approach that awakens youth to their deepest potential and life's higher values.

YES! for Teens (Youth Empowerment Seminar) ages 14yrs-18yrs
Both fun and challenging, this 18 hour seminar provides teens with a comprehensive toolbox to both manage their own emotions and stress, as well as dynamically navigate through adolescence.

YES!+ for College Students (Youth Empowerment Seminar Plus) ages 18yrs+
YES!+ is an innovative and dynamic educational and life skills program that provides young students and professionals the tools to achieve their ideal life with ease, creativity, energy, and without inhibitions.

The APEX Course: Programs for Corporations
The APEX Course is a practical training program that has been shown not only to reduce workplace stress and burnout but to increase mental clarity, creativity, awareness, and overall happiness.

The PRISON-SMART program: Programs for the Criminal Justice System
The Prison-SMART Program serves the entire criminal justice community: incarcerated adults, juveniles and their families; ex-offenders; victims of violence and crime; correctional officers and law enforcement administrators.

HIV program: Special Health Programs
Yoga of the Breath for People Living with HIV is designed to quiet the mind, eliminate stress, improve vitality and expand awareness.



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