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First Meeting with Guruji

Describe your first meeting with guruji.

Experiences shared by devotees @ AOL orkut community

Vinay - Bangalore
The first time I met him, I was not expecting to meet him. But suddenly from the back, Somebody touched my cheek, It was none other than guruji.

Roli Bajpai - USA
I met HIM for the first time on 3 days ago in Bangalore ashram.
He was performing Devi pooja in the gurukul.Then after the pooja, he spent some time with Idrani..the baby elephant...I went forward and touched his feet...and then our eyes was love at first sight for me..........:))

I am just feeling so blessed.

Anu Arora - Chandigarh
i met him on 4th of october ,on the last day of my advance course which also happened to be my b'day.n i was so happy that God Himself was there to bless me.when i saw him first tears of love n joy came to my eyes.i just could not take my eyes off him.i was blessed by him with a flower.jai gurudev.........

Shika -
i was not lucky enough to meet him personally... but his first look played d complet game... i was in aashram durin navratri time was takin a walk in aftrnoon.. suddenly i saw someone speakin guruji aa rae hai guruji aa rae hain
i just turned back n saw a white car jus infront of me... guruji's car
i cant react.. i was standin in surprise.. not even wavin to guruji.. jus lookin at him n smilin.. n guruji was smiling at me.. he was lookin straight in my eyes/... ah wat a killin smile it was
jai guru dev

Meena - Bangalore

love to share this unique experience..

in jan 2006 .. i did my Part I course followed by DSN by anandji .. during DSN .. we had a padhayatra with chayannaji and i was walking next to chayanna inviting everyone 4 silver jubilee celebration and distributing pamphlets / sticking stickers to all the vehicles on the road.. all of a sudden chayanna disappeared into a house in d neighbourhood and i continued with distribution ..and there in the signal .. i was asking permission of d driver if i cud stick silver jubilee sticker and suddenly he started laughing loudly and asked me to peep in the back window .. as i was new to art of living ... hardly could recognize faces .. then when i went near the back door and the door opened .. i was in for a total shock .. i saw guruji sitting in his INNOVA on the way for a meet @ palace grounds - bangalore .. and i was so shocked that i was mumbling .. chayanna / guruji .. just touched his feet and he was all smiles .. managed to say a few words about padhayatra .. by then signal turned green and he left and i was the only lucky one to have his darshan ..

when i went back to d class after padhayatra .. anandji was teasing/ praising me saying... "if u r hollow n empty .. n have a druda sankalpa .. u can meet guruji even in the signal" .. and it became a big joke saying that .. i went to invite guruji for silver jubilee .. with stickers :)..

but then till date its all like a movie .. in front of my eye .. in one day err in few hours meeting chayanna and guruji .. was sucha pleasant surprise / shock ... etc .. most memorable day of my life ..

Jai Gurudev

Achintya Nath - Lucknow

I first met Guruji in 2002 at a devotee's house in Lucknow.Guruji & his family know them from a long time back so Bhanu Didi was also there.

It was then I learnt that Guruji has travelled very extensively in UP when he was with Maharishi & also when he started Art of Living he personally took a lot of Basic Courses at people's houses in Lucknow,Vrindavan,Mathura etc.

I was sitting in the front row in the living room but was a little towards Guruji
's left.Guruji was talking on the Mobile to someone resolving some fight between volunteers (or so it seemed to me) from some place.

The first thing I noticed was how calm he was in handling a crisis situation.I couldn't help smiling in appreciation.

Suddenly Guruji switched off the phone & turned in my direction & asked "Hmmmm....khush ho?".I nodded in the affirmative.Then he asked "Kya karte ho?".I told him I was a student preparing for Engg entrance exams.Then he said "Phal khate ho ki Mithai".I said I love both.He picked up an apple from a basket lying next to him & gave it to me & said "Ab jao.Thodi der baad milte hain."

When I came outside into the big garden of the bungalow I met an uncle who I had been meeting in follow-ups since I had done the course.He & I got talking about Guruji.Suddenly Guruji came outside & everybody started to try & touch his feet.Guruji told everyone not to touch his feet.Then Guruji sat in a waiting car & went off.

The uncle I was with said "come on let's go".I said "where?"He said "to see off Guruji to the station".I couldn't believe my luck !!!

As it turned out the uncle was a very senior bureaucrat & was with his official blue beacon Ambassador.So due to the fact that we were in a VIP car,we reached the railway station before Guruji himself !!!

Just as we alighted,Guruji's car also came & as usual,cars of the devotees behind him

So there we were,about 20-25 people,led by a laughing,& joking Guruji,entering the platform.What a sight we made.When the train came,all of us climbed into his
compartment & said "Guruji,we are all coming with you".Guruji laughed & said "bina ticket pakde jaoge sab ke sab main bachaonga nahin" .

Then Guruji softly asked "time kya hua?" all of us said LOUDLY "9.00p.m. IST"/

Then the train started to move.Those of us still in his compartment got off & Guruji waved to everyone & said "Advance course mein milenge,Ashram aana sab ke sab.Jai Guru Dev". We all shouted "Jai Guru Dev" & the train sped away.

That was my first meeting with him.

I used to hear from my father that Swami Brahmananda Saraswati,( Maharishi's Guru & the Swami whose picture we see seated in the Guru parampara pic & whom Guruji calls "Gurudev" ) used to tell people to give him all their problems & good & bad qualities.That time I saw Guruji saying the same things & I felt such familiarity with him-that was amazing.

Jai Guru Dev

Bhavya - Chandigarh
i met him during last navratra in october in rishikesh.
although am jst 15 bt still got an awsome opportunity to meet him.
a meeting wid d jharkhand people was goin on.
i being from ambala ws not allowed to enter bt still i somehow i managed to do so..
nd dn i reached up d stage nd hugged guruji..
he smiled at me nd blessed me.
i was so much moved dat i was crying all my way back to ambala.


Amit - Syracuse
I am a student at Syracuse University, NY. I learnt some Yoga from Nagpur and after seeing my interest in Yoga, my roommate at Syracuse, NY who did most of Art of Living courses told that I will like it very much and it just happened that I enrolled for the Basic course. I did not know anything about the art of living then. Despite asking him to tell me about the art of living, he explained..just do the course and meet guruji, you will know everything. So I thought.. okay let us go to Chicago. He kept saying to me...You are very lucky. You will do Basic course in guruji's presence for all 5 days and attend Guruji's Birthday!! Attend satsang each day with Guruji!! Many people do not get his darshan so easily. Its like he is calling you. Little did I know the magnitude of his words then. Just with a sense of wonder I left for Chicago..

I saw him for the first time at Chicago on May 12th, 2005 when he gave a public speech. The atmosphere, the love and dear guruji's mere presence said it all. That evening was the most nicest of days in my life..Now I knew, why my roommate uttered those words to me..I was at Indian Lake Resort, Chicago to attend the Basic course. The next day, which is guruji's Birthday, my Basic course started. After a couple of hours of first session, we left for lunch. I just was on my way to my hotel room and Guruji was leaving for some place at that time near to my hotel room..there I got to greet him and say " Janma din Mubarak ho "..Guruji responded with his cute smile and his typical HHHMMM..and he left quickly..During the basic course, we requested our teacher to request Guruji that we all wish to meet him. Next day, the teacher told us that she did not have to tell guruji about our request, he knew it all..and that day Guruji came and we spent about 15-20 minutes with him. I have our Basic course photograph with Guruji in my album.
it wass a wonderful experience.. I got the opportunity to experience his divine presence for all 5 days. This course was Divine’s greatest blessing to me. Little did I know about him before I first met him. It was only during the course of time that I realized and got to know about HIM..By his grace, I was able to do Ashtavakra Geeta tapes for a prolonged period of one year. Guruji just arranged for everything.

It was very nice to see and read all of your experiences. It was as if I was completely there with you. Man romanchit ho gaya aapke experiences padh kar.

May his grace be showered to everyone.

Tons of luv,


Prabhu - Atlanta
i first met gurudev on dec 3, 2003 in a satsang in trichy (there is where i was studying engg). i had done basic course abt 2 yrs ago, and cudnt get the opportunity to see him all along. i cudnt sleep for 2 nights before he came, went early to the venue, gurudev came 3 hrs later. he came running onto the stage, garlanded, flowers in hand, waving at people, swaying elegantly.......eyes werent enough to capture it. the thought that came to my mind was 'attraction and radiance'. it was like seeing a million suns on the stage....he was totally attractive....that is when i knew what attraction really is.....tears poured and poured ...and poured until he left. it was a 5000 strong crowd, people put their questions in the basket......i put two questions...and gurudev answered both.
Q1: how to deal with expectations, i mean the one others have on me?
HE: have confidence
Q2: I keep forgetting u often, i dont want that, what to do?
HE: when u have realized u have forgotten, that moment u have remembered me, so keep forgetting often :-)

i knew he came for me...just for me.

Aniruddha - Nagpur
I have seen guruji many times, and so he has seen me many times too...
everytime i have observed one thing about the way he looks at you,
he looks in such a way that he knows you from all your past births.
He knows the things about you that even you dont know about yourself.

Bharath - Arlington Texas
another unique story guess...
i was deep in love with a girl and lo she liked someone.....well there goes the beginning of the story
i came to my friend and told him the story didnt know wat to do or where to go after the heart break( the best part i had seen her for 3 months and hadnt even spoke a word with her how insane must i have been liking someone sitting and dreaming in my room hahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahhahahah......)
well here was my friend who invited me to the ashram and said lets do something different....somehow the whole drive to the ashram was very peaceful..i remember it so well it was an evening and amazing summer sun during the drive...i entered the ashram and while driving down the entrance which is a slope i slowed down near the speed brakers and i saw a scorpio turn in towards me from the opposite friend with shock in his eyes said stop da...i just did and at the speed breaker of the ashram the window of the scorpio rolled down and there was a man with a nice beard looking straight at friend went jai gurudev....i didnt say anything there but i know that that was the day i was his tears rolling down my eyes........

Madhukar - Nigeria
My first meeting was unique as well i was no way associated with art of living one of my freind who just did his basic course told me that he is leaving from office early as his teacher told him to come to vigyan bhawan in the evening where guruji was invited and was to give a speech on conflict resolution. Suddenly i told him that i want to go as well because i had heard a lot about him so i thought why not go and meet the great man so we managed to reach there in time and when we entered the hall we saw that it was Chief justice of India and other justice and barristors giving lecture on conflict resolution Man that was so boring and all of a sudden Guru ji came from side door and believe me the boring room all of sudded was filled with tremendous energy i can't explain don't have words for it , I was amazed to see Guru ji and i guess he was looking at me as well with smile. Later Guru ji took the stage and the i was flat when he spoke on the subject so precise and so clear and whatever he said was just like pattar pe lakir.

After the speech we got a chance to meet Guru ji and that was the day when i thought had to go a long long way on the path of art of living.

Pray for me my freinds these days i am in Nigeria and i want to start the Art of living center in the country , I am sure Guru ji must be aware of it and if they want that i must get this chance to do this sewa i am sure no force can stop me from doing my sewa.

Johan Arora - Mumbai

My meeting with Guruji!
It was 25th of September when one of my friend tells me that Guruji is coming to Mumbai. As soon as I heard that….my excitement knew no bounds.I was like how can I meet him? (I am very new to the Art of Living Family so I didn’t know how to meet guruji and does he meet or not, but from the time I had done the course I really really wanted to meet guruji.)
So when I came to know that he was coming to Mumbai the first thing that struck to my mind was that Guruji is coming to meet me! Wooow! Anyways that friend of mine did not know anyting abt the schedule of guruji so I called up some other AOL friends and came to know that he was going to be here only for 10-12 hours and then he will go back. So my friend tells me – “It is going to be very difficult to meet guruji this time because he is here just for a few hours…and you will have to run a lot.etc. etc.”. My reply was “I’m ready to wait for the whole night if you want me to do so but Just let me know where will he be…..and the rest will happen”. Somehow I always knew in my heart that I will meet him. The next two nights I couldn’t sleep properly because I was so excited to meet him and I never expected that I would get to meet him so early. So the two days went in planning about what can I give guruji when I meet him for the first time! So I made a card for him and I took 2 things which I had heard from my AOL friend that were his favourites.
On the 27th, the day when guruji was going to arrive in Mumbai, I went to the university where he was going to come and I saw thousands of people gathered over there to listen to him. I was there at 11 a.m. . I caught a place from where I could see guruji clearly. Guruji arrived t 3p.m. and he crowd roared with happiness. The whole ambience of the place changed as soon as guruji entered the hall. I was very far away from gurji and there were about a 1000 people ahead of me. So I thought it would be impossible for me to meet him.
When guruji left from the hall the crowd was out of control…everyone wanted to get near guruji. I personally do not like pushing and pulling in the crowd so I was standing in the corner quietly thinking that I wouldn’t meet him. It was 5 in the evening and I hadn’t eaten anything since morning. I thought that I would eat only after I get guruji’s darshan.
Suddenly I get a call from one of my friend asking that had guruji left the hall. “And did you meet guruji?” he asked. I said, “No yaar I couldn’t, it was soo crowded”. Then he said…., “ok do one thing come to this building opposite a certain landmark.” I took a cab and rushed to the building and there was already a huge crowd waiting for guruji in the building compound. Guruji was upstairs and we were waiting for him to come down. Nobody other than some important people were allowed to go upstairs where he was staying. One of the volunteers whom I knew, met me over there passed by me and smiled at me a few times. Suddenly he asked me “who is with you?”. “Noboby”, was my answer.
He told me to follow him and he took me towards the stairs upwards. I didn’t even bother to go from the lift and I ran up 5 floors. I reached in the house and I couldn’t see guruji anywhere. On asking someone I got to know that guruji was in the room and he will be coming out in sometime.
And after 5 minutes…. Guruji was there….and a few people who were upstairs gathered around guruji. I went to him gave him whatever I had got for him and he asked “kya hai yeh?”. I knelt down to touch his feet. I felt like crying then. I loved him soo much. I kissed his feet and got up and hugged him. Someone from the crowd said “so Sweet”. I had about 30seonds with him.
Guruji said, “ Very good…you’re giving me junk food also and healthy food also….bahut ache”. I smiled and he left looking at me with a sweet smile. People went behind him saying “We love you guruji.”
For me was the Best moment. When I was near him touching his feet and hugging him…the time had come to a standstill. I felt like there was no one around us….just me and guruji. First time I experienced that I was filled with so much love for guruji that it came out in form of tears. Even today when I remember that moment I get a smile on my face. The experience for me was nothing less than a miracle…where the way towards guruji was automatically being formed throughout the day. And my belief was more strong that if you want to meet guruji just have the faith and true desire in your heart….the way towards him is automatically created! He creates the way.
I hope he must have seen my card. These were some lines I wrote for him(was in a hurry so couldn’t write much for him):-

“You’re the fragnance of the flower,
You’re the rhythm of the song,
You’re the shine of the diamond,
In our hearts you belong.

You are the essence of life!
I love you lots Guruji.”

Sanjay - Mumbai
I first met guruji when i was not knowing him it was in 2000 at mumbai airport.I was waiting for my friend,suddendly I saw a person full of energy walking near me.I didnt knew who he was but when guruji passed just beside me i could feel the spiritual energy.Six months later a friend of mine (Pranjali took me for the basic course to dadar at Bawas residence) there when i saw guruji's photo i came to know that It was guruji who wanted me to come to art of living.Still i have the memories of airport fresh in my mind.

Jay Gurudev

Madhu - Atlanta
Jai Gurudev!
I met Guruji 25th Oct, 08 in the MY2008 course held in Atlanta.
I came to America for my higher studies 3 months back. While leaving India, I had thought that "so what if I could not meet Guruji in India...I'll meet him in US"..and lo! that day arrived within 3 months!

Just imagine, I had no place to live in Atlanta, no idea how I'll be going there...(Atlanta is 5 hrs drive from my place)..But somehow, I was confident that "come what may...I'll sustain"..and HE is taking care of..

I was soo excited to meet him...I had prepared puran poli for him...After the first session of yoga and meditation, I went near him and offered it. Guruji asked what is that..I said puran poli...He said "ooohooo".... (Its amazing to listen "hmmmm" and "oohhoooo" words uttered by him..)

I felt sooo blessed....Forgot everything around me....It was DIVINE experience...

On the next day also, I gotta chance to meet him in his hotel..People who came from places other than Atlanta wanted to meet him separately..So I got that chance, and clicked a snap with him.. :)

Jai Gurudev!

Kullu - Hyderabad
11th jan 2009....the date ill never forget
i am basically from hyderabad(A.P) studying in manipal( karnataka).....i had done a yes course in hyderabad two years my winter vacation i wanted to do a yes+ course....i contacted my yes teacher...she gave me the number of the yes+ teacher in hyderabad........i was told the course is from 5th jan 2009 till 11th jan.....i felt really happy...thought ill be doing the course and going back to manipal( my vacation was ending on 11th and i had college from 12th)......then i went to my native place to celerate new year........i was back on 3rd jan and contacted the yes+ my shock he told me that the course has been postponed to 19th jan and it will be happening from 19th now........i was really heart broken.......i asked him if there was any way i could do the course.....he told me if i wanted to do the course in bangalore ( i pass through bangalore to go to manipal )......i said yes......he gave me the number of the yes+ teacher in b'lore ...i called her, she told me that the course was happenning from 5th and i'd have t come the next day........i said ok.......i didnt know how i could get the tickets to go to b'lore just one day before.....i went to many travel agencies but i didnt get tickets...............then i went to a government booking centre and as soon as he checked for the tickets i got a ticket.........he said i was very lucky as the tickets were going full from a week and the moment i asked for a ticket some one cancelled his/her ticket and i got the ticket........i was all packed and went to bangalore.......the accomodation and everything was taken care of by the teacher....everything was happenning just like course was the best time i ever had in my life....... during the course they said me that guruji was in the ashram at that time ....i really wanted to meet course was in the evening and i was free in the mornings....the day guruji arrived in the ashram i was sent for some work in the ashram....
my teacher had to give some bread and other things to bawa and dinesh...i was sent to their place in the ashram.......i was really excited....i saw bawa and dinesh....they are amazing people .......then i had a look at shakti kutir........i really wanted to see guruji.....where is he ???where is he???...i roamed around the ashram for sign of him....i went to have lunch.......i lost hope that ill meet him and i was having lunch and coming back.....i was climbing the setu in the ashram and as i came in front of the VM a car passed by and everyone was shouting " HI GURUJI"....i turned and saw guruji waving at the crowd .......he was turning the other side......i was really happy that at least i got a glimpse of anxiety of meeting him course went on till 11th jan( sunday, the last day of my course)....i was to catch a bus that night for manipal.......i really really wanted to meet guruji.......we all yes+ participants were taken to the ashram i9n the morning.......we had a session with bawa.......then we came and sat in the satsang...........i somehow manged to get a seat really colse to the place where guruji was sitting.......the satsang wwas going on........i write a diary daily and i wanted guruji to write something in it for me on the day i meet him.........but there were so many ppl in the amphitheatre i thought how will i get him to do that......after the satsang guruji was giving gifts to ppl who had their birthday and anneversary that day.....every one started to get up as it was time for guruji to go.....i dont know waht striked me i crawled below the railing and went and stood along the way where guruji was to pass he came near i was feeling goosebumps........then i was really colse to him.....ppl were pushing me and everything........ THEN GURUJI LOOKED ME IN THE EYE AND GAVE A BIG SMILE........MY MIND WENT COMPLETELY BLANK........NOBODY TOUCHED ME OR PUSHED ME AS I WALKED TO HIM..........I WAS NOT ABLE TO LOOK ELSE WHERE ....NOT EVEN WHERE I WAS WALKING......GURUJI'S EYES WERE SO SO CAPTURING...THEY COMPLETELY FILLED ME WITH DELIGHT.......I WENT NEAR TO HIM....HE ASKED ME WHERE I WAS FROM.......I SAID I WAS FROM HYDERABAD.........I SAID " GURUJI WILL YOU PLEASE WRITE SOMETHING FOR ME IN MY DIARY" ........GURUJI LOOKS AT ME AND GIVES ME A BIG SMILE AND TOUCHES MY HEART AND SAYS" I WILL WRITE IT IN YOUR HEART"......I TOUCHED HIS FEET AND HE LEFT ....IT WAS A FEELING THAT I COULD NOT PUT IN WORDS.........I THINK I WAS THE ONLY ONE AMONGST THE PPL STANDING THERE WHO COULD HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH GURUJI..............THAT NIGHT I COULD NOT SLEEP PROPERLY...........I FEEL GURUJI HAS LITERALLY WRTTEN SOMETHING FOR ME IN MY HEART........I WAS SOO SOO BLESSED TO MEET HIM......


  1. I did my basic course in Feb 2005.

    I had no interest to meet Guruji then.I had gone to Bangalore ashram many times,but never felt like meeting HIM even once.

    Well,HE wouldnt leave you,there was a storm in my life which ruined me and my family completely.I was shattered and angry on everyone around!Jan 2007 I joined the DSN course at ashram just to escape from all family members.

    First 2 days of DSN, I was not happy,wanted to run away,used to never do seva,never attend satsang,used to bunk sessions......but the NAUGHTY GURU had something interesting in store for me.

    On 3rd day,in front of 175 odd people,I told "THIS MAN(pointing to Guruji's photo) is just a fake"!"HE has ruined my life..."Everyone were stunned!! after telling this,I just sit down as if nothing happened!

    That evening,as usual,not interested to attend satsang,I stood outside VM.there was no one around,so much peace.Then something in me changed,i was full of energy!I could feel some energy coming towards me!! I just go to the gate n ahoo! HE is walking alone towards me..I was stunned..I tell HIM "My Life problem"....n HE looks into my eyes,hits my left hand thrice and says "Naanu Nodkothini Amma"(in Kannada) - " I will take care of you amma" !

    AHHHH! i was spell bound!!

    I come inside VM and n sit in a corner,there was no one near me.

    HE turns towards me and asks " Are you happy?" and I turn around confused and see who is HE asking...

    Again HE asks me"Are you happy?" ..I dont react...

    Then,with a smile,HE sees me and tells "If you are happy or not,its ok,we'll now meditate" !!!
    and that meditation which HE took....I just cant forget! it was just for me!for me to get out of all the anger,depression,out of everything!!

    From then for HIM is just unexpressible.cant express in words how grateful am I ..only tears roll down,with a smile on face...

    This experience ,even now is so fresh in my mind!

    Jai Guru Dev,

  2. Wow Arthi ..thts an amazing exp .. ty for sharing
    Jai Gurudev :-)

  3. I wish our family could meet Guruji oneday and get his his blessings.I have a under privilage son who's eye sight is very poor and cannot walk on his own. I now guruji can make him happy and I too is not healthy enough to look after my innocent son. I am not wealthy enough to go to India.So I wish our family would be fortunate enough to meet & get Guruji's blessings soon.

    Jai GuruDev!

  4. @ Hemamali

    juz take a sankalpa that you will meet Guruji and if you cant go to India no worries, u can meet him when HE comes to the place whr u stay .. or u can mail to HIM about ur concerns and HE will take care of them, Guru is way beyond juz physical appearence.. HE is pratyaksha Devata .. all u need is a strong intention, shraddha and faith .. Jai Gurudeva

  5. I was in advanced course and I had got some flowers for guruji as he use to love smelling mogra's fragrance so I got that and then GURUJI came for satsang and then I suddenly got blank and started moving in his direction and it was so well planned by divine that no body stopped me and then guruji raised his hand in front of me and we were both looking at each other for some seconds because I was in silence and guruji touched my hand and then he blessed me...After that I met him thrice and I just can't describe I can just say that I am part of GURUJI I came from him and finally I will dissolve into him...Jai Gurudev